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Releasing the blocks to live your life

to its fullest potential

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Feeling blocked? Can't seem to move forward?

Release the blocks to live your life to your fullest potential

Wherever you feel blocked in your life, I can help.

Imagine your are on path, the path of life, happily walking along, but little by little the path becomes narrower and overgrown, it gets slowly harder and harder to move forward until you cannot move forward anymore. These weeds and branches blocking the way are old emotions and beliefs that are simply needing to be removed and through Emotional Coaching with Emotion Code, and creativity this can be achieved, EASILY!

Sometimes we just can't seem to progress, to move forward, it's like something is stopping us, a wall on our path.

This may show in our lives as:

  • Feeling stagnant

  • Not being able to or feeling aprehensive about taking  a decision

  • Feeling worried or fearful of taking the next step, 

  • Physical pain that literally stops us moving forward. 

We might also feel we cannot progress in learning a language:

  • Feeling frightened to speak it

  • Feel we might be judged

  • Feel we are bad at language learning

  • Negative self talk about language learning

Wherever you are on your journey, and hwoever you feel blocked, or unable to move forward I can help.

If you feel you need Emotional support or release then hop over to:

Energy & Emotion with Emotion Code for Emotional energy healing and coaching

Or Creativity tools with Creative transformation

If you need help with language speaking (English or French) and to feel more confident and automatic then head over to Holistic English Coaching

I look forward to meeting you on your path, and to help you move forward to a more aunthentic and fulifilling life


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Nicky Peet

Releasing blocks to your full potential

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