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Release the limitations on the journey back

to your authentic self

  • The language of the mind: Coaching English as a foreign language

  • The language of the body: Emotions and Emotion Code

  • The language of the soul: Creativity and intuitive painting

Let me take you on a journey to yourself.
One of self-discovery, of revealing and returning to the person
you were meant to be, buried amongst the layers of life.

The journey to you peels back the layers, one by one until you start to shine. This isn’t about creating a massive dream ( although it could be), this isn’t about creating a glitzy lifestyle (I don’t work with glitzy people). This is about becoming the REAL you, the authentic you, the one you were born as and to be.

When we go on a journey we normally pack our bags, full of everything we need to take with us, but on this very special journey we are unpacking the bags, we are travelling light, and as some may buy souvenirs as they go, the bags getting fuller and heavier. We, however, are going to do the opposite, we are going to release those souvenirs, the unnecessary loads and your bags will become lighter as we go along the journey to self. And as your baggage lightens, so will your step. You will be able to navigate more and more easily through life, climb the mountains with ease, and as you go along the rapids, you’ll be able to lie back and enjoy the ride, seeing where the currents take you, rather than struggling to keep your baggage afloat.

When we go on a journey, we need to learn the language to communicate as we  travel, and I will help you understand, translate and release the blocks in these languages. 

What are the three languages for this journey?
They are the languages of the Mind, Body or Soul

The Mind

The language of communication of this trip is English. If this is not your native language then you can choose this language to learn and improve. This language course is a very special one, because through learning English you will be going on a journey of self discovery. You’ll see it isn’t just about the language, it’s about using language on the journey to self. English will be your key on this journey.

The language of the mind – You need this language if you speak another language
(I specialise in English for the French , but I do accept speakers of other languages) and you need English to advance in your life.

You might need English for your work (I specialise in those working in coaching, personal development, spirituality or energy healing), or for travel or any other reason.
Here’s the problem with speaking English:

  • You need more confidence

  • You feel blocked

  • You feel judged

  • You feel unsure.

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The Body

The language of the body is emotion. This is how our body communicates to us. Emotion is energy in motion, it has a physical response to an outside stimuli.

 When these emotions become trapped in our energy field, or even DNA, they create irregularities such as physical pain, illness, mental or emotional pain, or we can simply feel weighed down, blocked. They are literally the baggage we carry around with us that weigh us down. They’re all that junk those souvenirs in your suitcase!

Through emotion code we can let go of and release this junk we don’t need any more for your incredible journey. Just imagine how much lighter you will feel.

With Emotion Code helps you release trapped emotions, the baggage, along your journey. Why would you need help with this?

  • You feel blocked, you can’t move forward in your life, on your path

  • You feel worried or fearful about taking the next step in your lifeYou feel unsure of which way to turn

  • Physical pain which hinders your progress

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The Soul

The soul is our inner essence of who we are. It doesn’t speak in words but in pictures, images, colours. Creativity is the language of the soul. A picture tells a thousand words. By looking at a map we can see the mountains, the rivers, the forests, we see what the land looks like, where we are and where we want to go. Through intuitive painting and creativity our soul can convey what it wants to tell us. It is the map of your journey, giving you clues to your route and the blocks on the road.

Creativity is the language of the soul. It’s a fantastic tool to help understand what you cannot see, that your soul wants to communicate with you, where you are on your journey. It’s a great way of working things through on paper, letting the colours and shapes speak for your soul. It can easily be combined with the other two languages for a complete package. It's also relaxing, meditative, a conversation starter, and a beautiful way to delve into the soul, taking risks, and having fun on the way.

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I look forward to meeting you on your path, and to help you move forward to a more aunthentic and fulifilling life


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Image by Nick Seagrave

Nicky Peet

Holistic Language Coach

Helping you speak the languages of your Mind, Body and Soul on the journey back to you

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