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Clearing your soul path

  • Emotional coaching with Emotion Code

  • Creative transformation coaching

Do you speak the language of your soul?

Can you hear your soul's whisper?

Do you know what it's saying?

Are you frustrated with all the clutter and weeds that keep you from easily walking your souls path?

 When you were born, you walked your tiny feet on a path just for you, your soul path, but then society got you on the highway, you,followed it because that's what everyone does.  Tarmac, road signs, everything laid out for you. You just followed the way, with the others, all going the same way. With time this hard tarmac surface beneath your feet didn't feel like you, it felt false, the road straight and boring.
Everyone following the same road. 

And then you saw a sign saying your purpose, your life...

You follow the sign but very quickly that path got overgrown, with weeds, rocks and dust. You know it's there, you can feel it under your the (soles) 'souls' of your feet. you just can't see it.
You know this path is leading you somewhere, somewhere that feels like you.
A  place with meaning, something is pulling you there, to home almost. You can't see it yet, as the path is so covered that you can't see ahead but you're heading somewhere 
And on that path, you can hear your soul whispering to you, wanting to guide you, but you can't understand what it's saying...if only you could understand your own guidance, your soul's language....

You see, those weeds, they're your beliefs, and the boulders, old trapped emotions. 

And this is where I come in.
We'll pull up the weeds, remove the boulders, clear the brambles and get you feeling that soul path again under your feet. 

Here at nickypeet.com, we'll use the toolbox of Your Healing Artist to identify and release these blocks, we can work together to clear your path and reconnect to your soul and its path.

Emotional coaching and clearing with Emotion Code to identify and clear those heavy emotions once and for all,

Creative transformation To help you hear and understand your soul and its guidance and to visualise and work through your blocks in a unique and  powerful way which will strengthen your intuitive and creative skills.

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Nicky Peet

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