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Improve your English, Improve your life!

Holistic English language coaching
Improve your English, improve your life

Speak English more automatically and with more confidence

with Holistic English Coaching

Born in England  with more than 10 years coaching English to adults in France, I am also patient and dynamic with excellent listening skills. I am also a personal life coach, energy healer and artist giving me a huge toolbox of techniques and keys to help you speak English more confidently and automatically.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

"English is difficult"

"I am bad at languages"

"I am useless at English"

"I don't have enough vocabulary"

"People will laugh at my accent"

"I feel stupid talking English"

"I feel judged when I speak"

If so, then you have come to the right place. English language

You see, these are beliefs, built from fear, bad experiences or ways of learning. 

As a coach we will look at where you are blocking in English and help you release them using NLP, creative tools, personal development and energy healing (Emotion Code

You may also have goals for English language learning:

For a holiday, a job, a training overseas, family or something else. Whatever your goal, I will help you define that and work together to achieve it.

And this goal can be reached more easily and quickly when we work on the blocks that are holding you back.

I will also help you understand HOW you learn, because eveyone is different, giving you the keys to your own learning, identifying your learning style and from that give you ideas and ways to learn that your brain recognises.

As a coach I am here to encourage you, to help you overcome your blocks and fears and to give you more confidence and fluidity speaking English.


  • These are not English lessons, I will not teach English, I will however coach you

  • We will not do pure lessons on grammar or construction of sentences  (although we will work through grammar points when necessary)

  • There will activities to do in your own time to help ou progress based on your goals, using creativity and personal development.


 Our lessons will be based on spoken English about what you love, what you are passionate about, what you need. I will motivate you and help turn the negative into the positive.

"It's difficult" will be transformed into " I am making progress", "I am learning"

the "buts" will be transformed into "and".

Giving you the space to express yourself without judgement or criticism, allowing the language learning to come from the right brain so that it may process it in the natural way your learnt your first language.


English is the key to your new life, with more self-confidence, blocks released, I will show you that it is you who has these keys to succeed.


You will see it’s not just your English that will improve, it’s your whole life!



Image by Nick Seagrave

Nicky Peet

Holistic Language Coach

Helping you speak the languages of your Mind, Body and Soul on the journey back to you

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