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The differences between language coaching
and traditional teaching

​Language Coaching

  • Active learning

  • Motivation takes top priority

  • ​Empathy is important


  • Coach has the ability to keep client engaged, motivated, valued and committed


  • Client takes responsibility and ownership

  • Flexible and self-directed


  • Normally, no books are used


  • There is an equal status between coach and client

  • ​There is an awareness of limitations

  • Matches needs of client


  • ​'Teaching' is kept to a minimum ​

  • ​Continuous feedback​

  • ​Reflection


  • ​Coach has the ability to adapt to the client

  • ​Client-focused and tailor-made


  • ​The objective is to ​maximise the potential of the learner


Traditional Language Teaching

  • Passive

  • It could sometimes be described as mainly a one-way process  ​


  • Book related – following chapters and the order of language learning books

  • Often limited to the materials/books used


  • Teacher takes the role as the expert denoting a superior status

  • The relationship between the teacher and the learner is often not so close nor is it a realistic or personalized experience

  • Often encompasses a more formal approach


  • Instructive and mandatory

  • Directional

  • Demonstrative


  • With groups – often trial and error – not tailored to individuals

  • Often the subject must be learnt, so the teacher is interested in the topic but the learner is not!


  • Often does not take into account the social context and cultural interaction of the learner

The role of the language coach
  • As a Language Coach I work with you to set personalised goals and targets.

  • The client, who is you, takes responsibility for and ownership of your learning.

  • As a language Coach, I use my experience and intuition to choose the learning methods that suit you best as each person learns in a different way. I'll help you find your way of learning.

  • You are motivated to acquire specific language skills and knowledge.

  • We work together to create a specialised, flexible, tailor made learning plan.

  • The plan and the goals are revisited regularly.

  • Text books are rarely used in my language sessions as they tend to be too generalised to be effective, they can also bring up fears from previous learning and can block the client. 

  • Real documents, texts, videos, books, magazines etc. are used as and when needed. In fact any material that fits your world is perfect. (I have had clients use tarot cards, brochure, photos…)

  • I have had over 10 years  experience and success as a language teacher, trainer, and coach giving me experience, tools and indepth knowledge into effective learning and coaching.

  • As a Language Coach I offer support without judgement, with feedback and empathy.

  • The relationship between the Language Coach and Client is that of equal one, it's a two way prcoess.

  • As a Language Coach, respect the confidentiality of the sometimes sensitive, information shared in the sessions

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Nicky Peet

Holistic Language Coach

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